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Founded in 1998, the Fundación Instituto Ferial Vigo (IFEVI) is committed to serving the professional and social sectors of the Euro-region, becoming the best showcase of Vigo and northern Portugal. Its dynamic nature, non-profit interest, and clear vocation as an institution that generates services, today make it an obligatory meeting point of the professionals of the northwest peninsular.

IFEVI was acknowledged as a Foundation of Galician Interest pursuant to Act 12/2006 of 1 December, on the regulation of Foundations of Galician Interest.

The embryonic concept Feiral Institute of Vigo, IFEVI arises from the need to fill a void latent in the 'olivica' city as a major protagonist in the industrial area of the Atlantic and consequently the Euro-region as an active centre of professional synergies. The frenetic activity of the Trade and Conference Complex is today an important generator of constant turnover and future projects, that have even surpassed the expectations of its prime-movers.

Enthusiasm, international projection, future-orientation and above all, commendable effort of organisation together with the support of all citizens, have made possible the consolidation of the institution as relevant booster of ambitious business projects.

Offers of new areas of business, corporate maximising or even own resources maximising from cutting-edge optimisation market techniques, are just a small sample of the wide range of possibilities for the professional.

In a 100.000-m2 area IFEVI divides this space into two areas spread over Building Services, the hub for the bulk of the conference and entertainment activities, and 30,000 m2 of halls mainly earmarked to be the centre of attention for fairs and halls that host a wide multidisciplinary leisure and business offer at every event.

The premises are equipped with the latest technologies, and structural and organisational facilities . Adequate qualification and design of functional spaces designed to meet any requirements of fair, congress or sports- and entertainment event s, is one of the reasons, together with the strategic location of the premises, that has favoured its position as our first significant industrial and economic showcase.

The philosophy of the institution at the service of public interest, has greatly contributed to maximise its multidisciplinary and dynamic nature. IFEVI is open to everybody, it has plenty of possibilities from which to inspect the world and engender new growth projects. Its self-financing policy promotes plural reinvesting of profits and therefore an overall growth in the modern business environment, with enhanced performance criteria. Definitely a spirit consistent with the same character that has promoted the history of Vigo as the foremost industrial capital of Galicia.

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