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Lat : 42o 13 ' 24.3582 '' - Lon: -8th 38'velm eans'

The Instituto Ferial de Vigo, IFEVI, has a strategic location in front of Peinador Airport with direct access from the three main means of travel.

By car
By road, there are three main roads with direct access to IFEVI without entering the city. 1. The Rias Baixas motorway connects the city to the centre of Spain (A - 52) . 2. The Atlantic motorway (A - 55) connects Vigo with the motorway in northern Portugal (A -3) .
3. The Atlantic Highway connects the city to the north of Galicia (AP - 9).

By bus
As for bus connections, there is an urban line (number C9A) from the city centre to IFEVI. For further information: the Bus station, Avenida de Madrid, 57
Phone: 986 373 411

By air
Peinador Airport is located 100 m from IFEVI and 10 kilometres from Vigo city centre.

By train
The Railway Station, Plaza de la Estación, s / n Tel: 902 240 202 Website:

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